The Newest Book Club Memeber Approved of the Meeting Last Night

IMG_4591Her name is Lily and we briefly considered grabbinga Sharpie to give her a mustache to make her more of a Guy but weren’t sure mother would approve.  Of course her mother sent her to our book group so I’m sure she wouldn’t be surprised.

The official pick was the Charles Baudelaire’s Flowers of Evil.  The entire thing can be found here for those interested.

We decided to go back to our roots this month and meet at the bookstore that birthed our book club, Decatur, GA’s Little Shop of Stories. Their upstairs is where they have author and musical events.  I’ve met John Green, Scott Westerfeld, Jerry Spinnelli and more in that very spot.  But last night it was the book and beer club and became an impromtu poetry reading.

Everyone brought some poetry and we handed it all around.  Some were by Baudelaire (one in the original French!), some by Shelley, Houseman, Ginsberg, Whitman, Billy Collins, Kimmy Walters and some original stuff too!

I asked one guy to read Ozmandias and not only did her do that but he did a parody version about me called Jim Randolphias.  Just brilliant. So what the bookstore lacked in atmosphere, waitstaff and food, it made up for in a quiet, uninterrupted space where we could totally do our thing and Lily could do hers.  A fun evening all around. Next month: Andrew Weir’s The Martian.

The poet of “Jim Randolphias”

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  1. ejmam

    I like when our book club does something a little different — once we read a Shakespeare play out loud, or we take books of questions (Something You Know But Cannot Prove or that series) and pose them to each other. Sounds like you had a good evening.

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