Winding Down the School Year

Which means that I probably won’t be posting regularly throughout the summer (not that I already do).

But I hope to read a bunch and post about that whenever I get the chance even if it’ a big round up at the end of the summer.

I will be reading most, if not all, of our Reader’s Rally books.  It’s an odd list this year so don’t look at me with that famous side-eye of yours when you see some of the random titles.

What have I been reading lately?  Let’s see, did I mention I read Pratchett’s Wyrd Sisters last month?  Loved it.  It was strange, because ever since we did one of his books for my book club I decided I needed to read the whole set.  I’ve been reading them here and there between other things and the next one on the list was Wyrd Sisters when it was also chosen for the Sword & Laser online book club for April as well. So that was fun and picked me up from my reading rut where I stalled out on two big ones at the end of the TBR Dare.

I also read Andy Weir’s The Martian but won’t write much about that now since I’ll do a post after our next Guys Read book club meeting where we’ll be discussing it.

I listened to the third Dave Barry/Ridley Pearson Peter Pan book called Peter and the Secret of Rundoon read by the irreplaceable Jim Dale.  It’s funny, My Lovely Bride doesn’t like listening to him read anything since the Harry Potter books.  She doesn’t want to be thinking of Hagrid when hearing him do mean pirates.  It was an exciting end to a trilogy (although I hear they’ve done more since this one, but this was a good trilogy-ender so that’s what I’m calling it).  They did a much better job switching between the three storylines and brought a depth to the character of Peter Pan and his history that I really appreciated.  Fun stuff.

As a family we finished reading Anne of Green Gables a week or so ago and the other night watched the whole thing on DVD.  I’ve read it and seen them both before but it’s fun when your daughter is 12.  I must say, though, that I know this will be controversial but I actually had a Lord of the Rings thing happen where I liked the movie better than the book.  The movie is cast perfectly and has all the best parts.  In the movie she says she never shuts up but only babbles on and on during that first carriage ride.  In the book I would have to read three page paragraphs of her babbling and it got old.  So Megan Follows for the win!

In the library I’m winding it down.  It’s pretty crazy but I just got a big shipment of new stuff in I’m getting ready for next year.  One title, El Deafo, was read in turn by me, my daughter and My Lovely Bride all in turn.  We’ll have to get together and have a family book club I guess.  It was an excellent addition to the Smile school of comic art autobiography. Check it out if you can.