Summer’s Almost Over!

But here’s some recent cool things I’ve been up to.

First of all, I got some new tables in the library.  They have wheels and I don’t think I can adequately express how helpful those will be.  They lock in place but can be easily moved around into multiple configurations.  I want more already.  Then I put up all new “Read” posters to brighten it up.  Last, I had some help painting the pillars and the inner ceiling tray a green that matches some of the tables.  This library was in desperate need of some color!



We also had our Annual Guys Book Club Cookout of Awesome at a  cool house with a Bocce ball court.  We had read (and actually discussed!) Blood, Bones and Butter by Gabrielle Hamilton. It wasn’t my thing but made for great discussion.

To be honest, this wasn’t really a cookout.  This time we all cooked on our own and brought it all over to a Guy’s house for eating.  Also: beer.

Bocce ball is my new favorite because you can play it while eating and drinking and my team won. Maybe I need to figure out how to build a court in my own back yard?



He’s got this cool table set up to hold refreshments next to the Bocce ball court. The man’s a genius.
Yes, we already made all the jokes about the glowing balls but you call still play when the sun goes down and that’s amazing!

Now it’s countdown time.  My Lovely Bride is setting her classroom up as we speak.  Her school got all new carpet and paint so they had to pack up like they were moving.  Now they have extra pre-planning days to put it all back together.  The rest of us all go back Monday.  Oh, I almost forgot.  I’m supposed to go in tomorrow to film my administration team doing something silly to motivate the teachers again.  That’s always interesting.  The students all come back on the 10th.

I had more going on this summer and when I get back into the swing of my schedule I’ll post about that stuff.  I read a bit, swam a lot, saw some movies, traveled a smidge but mostly enjoyed my break.  Hope you did too.

I almost gave up the blog in favor of posting directly to G+ but that seems to be going through some changes so I didn’t want to commit to going over there and have them pull the plug or something.  You never know with Google products. If you follow me there, then you’ve probably already seen these photos.  Sorry for the double posts.  I have this blog set up to automatically re-post things from here onto G+ and Twitter (and even a Tumblr, I’m so hip). I actually tend to get more feedback on G+ than the actual blog but it’s good to have a spot that’s mostly mine for typing up more than 140 characters.

So I’ll still share links and random silliness on Twitter but I may be posting more on G+, especially photos.  I have an Instagram account for me and for school but it’s a pain to switch between them so once school starts I’ll probably use that just for the library and post my own stuff on G+ and/or Twitter.

This will be more for longer updates, book (and other) reviews, book club updates (every time I quit posting on here The Guys ask me about it so some of them must be reading…) and whatever else I feel like.  But as always, I take requests and will write about whatever you ask me to.




2 thoughts on “Summer’s Almost Over!

  1. Good gracious! Your library is enormous! Do you wear roller skates? The tables looks very nice. Nine of my tables are round and very heavy. The other five are square and dinky. Definitely filing these away for next renovation… In 20+ years!

  2. Yes, msyingling, you could land a small plane in there. I must say, I felt the same way about buying new furniture with no obvious funding source but made the plan anyway and lo and behold, my principal was running a fundraiser for new playground equipment and gave me a chunk of that with plans for more. There are many creative ways to get the funding to continually update your library. You shouldn’t have to wait twenty years!

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