Only 178 More Days Until Summer Vacation!

So since I last posted we’ve gone through pre-planning week, the week teachers go back to set up their classes and go through a bunch of business meetings.  Registration Day was a bit stressful due to a new online component that took parents way longer than expected but we got through it all right.

Now school has begun!  Actually for me, the first few days are pretty quiet.  Day One is basically still mini-registration day.  I only had one K class come in on their tour of the building.  I’m hoping for a couple more today (though there seems to be an issue with the schedulling software).

The funny thing is the beard.  I made sure to stand out front greeting everyone so it wouldn’t be a surprise to anyone later on. Many kids just stared at me as they walked by.  A couple said, “Mr. Randolph, you have a beard!”  Like I haven’t looked in the mirror for the last few weeks or something?  I just acted surpirised.

Now to decide on my first read-alouds for the various classes.  Always a difficult winnowing process for a librarian!