There’s Always Preview Mode

Week two of school down, only thirty-four more to go!

Mostly I did library orientations.  I tried an experiment and made a Kahoot instead of a video.  A Kahoot is an interactive quiz like slide show where the participants can log into the game and answer the questions live and you can get immediate feedback on what they know or what you need to discuss further.  It was my first Kahoot and after the first one I learned that I need to work on making Kahoots more if I ever do one again.  I made it 20 questions and that’s too long.  It took the first group almost an hour to gt through it.  After that I did it in “preview mode” which basically meant they answered the questions the old fashioned way (by raising their hands or calling out answers) and I clicked the answer choices for them to get through it in time for them to be able to check out books.  Live and learn.

For my Kindergarten orientations I read the Charlie & Lola book, But Excuse Me That Is My Book by Lauren Child in my not very good but apparently very funny imitation of Lola’s lilting British accent.  It’s a good one to start with because it emphasises trying different books other than the few beloved ones you’ve been reading over and over again.

For first grade I read Dan Santat’s The Adventures of Beekle: The Unimaginary Friend, and I’ll read that to K next as well.  It’s a good beginning book becasue, well, it’s just wonderful and it’s about making new friends.

In home read-aloud news we finished Rick Riordan’s The Son of Neptune. This is the second of the “Heroes of Olympus” series.  The were an original five books featuring the demigod Percy Jackson and now a second five book series with Percy among some all new heroes.  I find these books even better than the original series in many ways.  Riordan has really nailed the multiple points of view and the characters seem even richer somehow.  Not sure if we’ll go right to book three next or break it up with another book in between.  It’ll be up to our new 7TH GRADER.  7th grade! For crying out loud.