Phooey On Amazon

downloadMy former 93 year old neighbor is having trouble reading so My Lovely Bride wondered if she could handle a Kindle.  I said I’d take her my Paperwhite later today and see.  It’ll kill two birds with one stone.  If she can use it and likes the font adjustments and such, then she’ll be very happy.  And I was thinking of getting rid of the thing anyway.

I will have one less Amazon-only device.  I only have 3 or 4 Kindle books I haven’t read and I can use a tablet or phone to finish those off.  After that I’ll stick with libraries and non-Amazon digital options.  Why?  Because screw those guys, that’s why.

Did you read that recent NYT article on their horrible workplace?  I figure most of those folks knew what they were getting into but the way they make it harder for women than any other workers really chaps my chilis.  I’m not going to go as far as those Flee the Jungle guys, but why do business with Amazon when there’s not a need?  We tend to get more iTunes gift cards so it’s easier for me to get digital books from Apple anyways.  And I work in a library, drive past a branch of the local public library on my way to and from work and live near two other branches.  It’s absurdly easy for me to stay flush with free or cheap reading material.

Other things that bug me about Amazon: that whole Hachette publishing fight and they way they play hardball like that with authors and publishers sometimes.  The totally weaselly way they get out of paying their fair share of taxes.  And now finding out they make it harder for their female employees.

I don’t know if I’ll stop my prime membership.  Maybe.  I’ll definitely look into it.  Since I don’t have cable, streaming Netflix is our number one source but Amazon is number two when we want to rent or buy a certain show or movie and it’s not on Netflix. But I’ll search the options there as well.  Basically I’ll use Amazon now and then because they’re so damn convenient but I won’t be buying any more ebooks from them and I’ll be shopping around more when I can.

Oh, and I’ll be linking to Goodreads or other locations for my book links here, rather than directly to Amazon. (Yes, I realize Amazon owns Goodreads now but at least linking there doesn’t force you to buy it at Amazon.  It links to other sellers as well.)


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  1. It’s gotten to where it’s difficult not to use Amazon at all, which is why we used to have anti-trust laws, most of them signed into law by a Republican president! The only thing I buy from them is used books.

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