Dragon Con Fail

I got sick.  I am sick.  Friday night, while my daughter had trouble sleeping due to her Dragon Con excitement, I was having trouble sleeping because my throat was burning and I was having all kinds of issues.  I took some Sudafed in the morning (the good kind; the kind you gotta ask for) and some other stuff and powered through Dargon Con Saturday.  Well, most of it.  We met up with some friends who were experiencing their first con and tried to be good hosts.  Problem was, it was WAY more crowded than usual, they were on a one day pass, and I was foggy-headed and having trouble deciding things.  So we tried to cram too much in and it ended up being less fun than it could have been. So I felt it important to hit a clinic Sunday morning and show my daughter a better convention later that day.  Then I realized after the clinic that I was way too sick to go Sunday, so we never saw any more Dragon Con this year.  So instead of two days of fun it was part of a day of okayness. Sigh.

Bad things:

Due to illness, we got there late and missed most of the parade.

We missed out on most of our planned sessions.

Like I said, it was WAY more crowded everywhere. Dragon Con is amazing, but apparently they will never cap attendance.

Because we were with newbies, we did two things we probably would have avoided: we went to the food court and to the vendor area. Two super crowded spots in a row that we would have avoided or spread out.

Good things:

My daughter’s Han Solo costume got some compliments.

It was fun being with friends.

The food was better in the food court (and the CVS was helpful for me).

We saw, as always, some fun and amazing cosplay.

The girls enjoyed seeing the Once Upon A Time actresses in their session.

The comic/art part of the Hyatt was a favorite.  Harper got a cool Toothless print and some Princeless comics.

So I guess there’s always next year.  I will get plenty of rest and take vitamins or something the week leading up to the convention and I will have a better plan.  Oh, that’s another stupid thing I did.  I didn’t use a parking app I found and ended up at a place that I thought was $20 but ended up being $40!  Grrr…

The thing I’m most bummed about is missing the big comedy musical show I usually go to on Saturday night.  Molly Lewis, The Doubleclicks, etc.  Love those guys.  And Carol Spinney was there and we missed it!  You know who he is, right? And my daughter got some Princeless comics but we never got the chance to go back and get them signed.

So yeah, it was fun-ish but I’m still not 100% recovered from my illness.  I’m actually home today instead of back at school.  So instead of a 4 day work week I’ll have a three day one and I’ll wonder where it all went come Friday.

Have a great week everyone.