I’m a hero? Like Captain Underpants?

So one of the elementary media specialists in our county sent out an email to all of the other elementary media specialists asking about the “controversy” surrounding the new Capt. Underpants title. 

This was my response:

“Unless someone even noticed that Harold’s future self is a guy with a husband (which I doubt they will unless someone points it out to them) then I can’t see it being a problem.  There’s absolutely nothing about gay characters other than one existing and not even saying or doing anything. If people want to reconsider a book because someone exists, then they probably have more problems than a book challenge will help.  Also, I can think of at least one other popular series that has a same gender couple
parental unit that exists in the background and I’ve never had anyone ever comment on the issue.  And this is a highly circulated series that has been checking out for years.


I received an email from one of the higher ups in the Media Services dept. later that day:

“And this is why you’re my hero….seriously.”


PS This is the unnamed popular series, written by the brilliant and hilarious Amy Ignatow.


One thought on “I’m a hero? Like Captain Underpants?

  1. Yep. I noticed this too. Haven’t had anyone complain, but then, I’m in a middle school. Someone complained about a book once. Don’t know what happened. Might be back on the shelf after the child left the building. Might not.

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