I am a Genius and an Idiot Both

That’s the subject of the email I sent to the nice folks at Media Services at our head office when I had a question about how to add some new equipment to inventory.  My question was basically “I forget how to add equipment to inventory.”  They’ve changed the software over the past year and I just had a brain fart in how to get going on it.  At least they were entertained by the email.

The genius part was how I put the new digital cameras in inventory.  I learned a long time ago by librarians better than I am to make sure the barcode number is in more than one place.  The barcode sticker might get pulled off, scratched, faded, or whatever and it’s easier if it’s somewhere else on the equipment, especially when it’s something that you have many of that look exactly the same.  On a boom box that’s easy.  Slap the barcode on the side and write it in Sharpie on the bottom or something.  But on a super small pocket sized digital camera?  I had to trim the original barcode just to get it on the front face of the camera and there was NO where else to write it.

But I know some things about digital cameras and one thing is that along with writing the images to an SD card, they can usually handle keeping a few images in internal memory.  So I popped the SD cards out, took a macro photo of the barcode on a white background on internal memory (where it’s doubtful to ever be erased) and boom! A backup of the barcode in a secret but easily found spot.

It gets better! You can actually scan the barcode from the screen of the camera!  I know, right? How cool is that?  Will make life so much easier if anything happens to the original barcodes.

Yes, it’s been a busy week.  I’m working on getting new stuff in inventory but I’m also trying to go through the old stuff and decide what to keep and what to surplus.  And I’m still figuring out the technical difficulties of the new broadcast room, which will be great once I get it down.

Then, of course, add a Book Fair into the mix!  Yup, that’s right, next week is conference week (already!?) and we set up the book fair Thursday afternoon and were in full crazy mode all day Friday.

So I’m enjoying my weekend.  Next week will be a fun but exhausting grind with the book fair and conferences for My Lovely Bride.  It’s a challenging week for us both (twice a year) but rewarding in it’s way.

Hope it’s going well for you!