It Really Does Get Better

Last night we went over to see the property of some friends of ours.  They’re having a house built so it’s fun to drop by every few weeks to see the progress.  It’s in the early stages but things are happening.

After that our two familes went to dinner.  During the meal a big kid came up to say hi to the women.  My wife had had this guy in 4th grade and our friend had had him in 5th.  Now he’s in middle school and wanted to say hi.

The thing was, when they’d had him he’d been a she.

They didn’t even blink.  They jumped right up and gave him a big hug and talked with him a bit.  He said he was taking online classes right now to avoid the bullying.  They said that it really really WILL get better.  He seemed happy.  We looked for him when we left but they’d already gone.

Today both teachers got an email from his mom.  It was a very heartfelt thank you. She said that the whole transition had started when they had found evidence that their daughter was contemplating suicide.  During therapy the gender issues came out and they fully supported his transition.  She said he is MUCH happier and smiles much more often than their daughter ever did.  They also hope that he’ll be able to go back to middle school soon.

The coolest part of the email was that the mom said he has some pretty intense anxiety issues and she wasn’t sure he would even go through with approaching our table to say hi.  After the effusive and warm greeting he was super glad he had. She said he was SO happy when they went out to the car.

So yeah, it was a good email.

Those are some great teacher and people right there.  And good for that kid.

Shut up, I’m not crying, you’re crying!


2 thoughts on “It Really Does Get Better

  1. ejmam

    One of the kids in my sons’ D&D group transitioned, and my kids never blinked. She used to be a boy, but now she’s a girl. That’s how things are sometimes. She comes to our foam sword parties so I see her every few months.

    I’m sorry the boy is getting teased at school — it’s still getting better, and we’re not there at the way yet!

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