My Happy Thanksgiving

There were two parts to it.

The first part had been carefully planned well in advance. We took our daughter and her friend (and met a friend of ours) at Universal in Orlando to experience  the Wizarding World of Harry Potter (and a few other attractions).

It was great. I read and planned out everything with information and itineraries from one of the Unofficial Guides which I’ve touted before and can’t say enough good things about. Although the girls invarably tossed my itineraries out they still helped at the beginning of the days and gave us something to change our minds about rather than ever standing around not knowing what to do next. And if nothing else, it helped us pick better places to eat when we hit that wall during the day.

I will say that their accompanying app, Lines, didn’t really do much for me. The basic itineraries in the book were enough of a guide.

The second part of my trip included the day before Thanksgiving and the week following. My mom had knee replacement surgery the week before the holiday and my father is a brittle diabetic who has had some issues in the last couple of months. So we agreed someone should hang out with him while she was in the hospital. My brother took off a week from work and did that job. Everything was fine. But then the doctors told her rather than going home, they wanted her to spend a week in a rehabilitation facility before finally going home and having outpatient therapy. So our friend drove my girls home and I drove over to help out the parents. I took the week after the Thanksgiving break off from work to focus on helping them.

When I got there they were glad to see me but thought I was being ridiculous. By the time I left a week and a half later they wondered how they would have managed without me.

So yeah, this is the point in our adult lives where my brother and I have realized we’re no longer going to ask them if they want us to come down or if they think they need help or whatever. If we think it, then we’ll go. If they don’t agree, well, good luck catching us.

I actually hated leaving them to come back but needed to get back to my job. Luckily we now only have about ten days before we’ll be on another break from school and will all be going back down to have Christmas with them and see what else we can do and how they’re progressing.

It’s a tough time for all, but I’m happy I can help a little.


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