More new library furniture


I keep forgetting that I used to post more photos on my blog. Now with Instagram and Google Photos I share them so many ways I…just don’t think of it.

But here is the latest update to my multi-year project of updating the Media Center! Before, as you may or may not recall, I painted, added new exciting posters, and got some cool blue and green tables WITH WHEELS.

Here is the second phase. Nice, huh? The little laptop tables are from World Market by the way. They were listed at $79 but were on sale for $59 when I got them. I might need some for my house!

The chairs WERE going to have a cool pattern to them but the prices changed and that became a bit too crazy. So we went with the three colors you see here (and matching ottomans that are at the base of some of the shelves in the background.

I keep trying it all in different configurations but so far this is the one I like best. Putting the ottomans in the middle became a playground. Ugh. Spreading them out with an ottoman inbetween each chair made the circle weirdly too big. (I guess I could try two smaller circles like that…)

But this is cool. I like the ottomans near the shelves and they’re all easy to move around as needed, which is one of the points of all this.

The orange was not on the original plan but has been popular. When I buy more of the rectangular tables for the computer area I’ll probably get blue, green and orange ones to brighten things even more.

Now just to wait for the next big school fundraiser to see if I can do the rest in one, two or three more phases…


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