Oops! Read Carefully Before Tweeting…

downloadSo a fourth grade teacher here showed me a copy of The One and Only Ivan paperback she had just gotten as a classroom gift from one of her students. Flipping through it she noticed what looked like a hand-written message from the author to a “Mr. Schu.” She assumed it was an actual signed book that had ggotten to her by mistake.

I wasn’t so sure but only got a glance. First off, I noticed that she was showing me a page from near the back of the book and most books are signed in the front. Second of all, I’m more than familiar with Mr. John Schu of the well-known Mr. Schu Reads blog. If there’s a school librarian who doesn’t follow his blog or follow him on Twitter, I don’t know them.

But out of curiosity I tweeted him the photo and asked about it. He sent me grumpy faced emojis and instructed me to read pages 318-319. So I hiked upstairs and asked the teacher for the book and read the lovely story those pages contained.

D’oh! Now it all made sense! I tweeted to him that one of the prices of being a librarian, I rarely deal with paperbacks. All the library books are hardcovers and the way the vendors bind them they sometimes lose info contained in endpapers and such. I see a crap-ton of paperbacks during the book fair, but don’t usually have time to look through those.

But it’s cool. Live and learn. He said I was the 2nd person who had recently made the same mistake. I had actually been sceptical of it being a real signed book, hence the tweet, but I get what he means. It’s always an eye-rolling experience when someone tweets something without looking a bit into the context.

Anyway, if you haven’t seen it, check out the back of the PAPERBACK version of The One and Only Ivan, a modern classic. And follow Mr. Schu on all available media. And ignore me.