Reading Update

I have been reading more often lately but I haven’t finished anything yet. But I’m still working on THE DARE!

We’re reading one of the Rick Riordan Heros of Olympus books out loud as a family between everything else but there’s a lot of everything else.

I’m more than half way finished with the first book club pick of the year, Station Eleven. So far I like it quite a lot. It’s slow moving and meditative but jumps between different characters and different time periods just before and after a plague destroys civilization. Fun stuff!

I’m also into about the first third or more of the next book club pick, Let’s Talk About Love. It’s from a series of books about music. Different artists and critics writing about influential songs or albums. This one, by Carl Wilson, is different becasue he chose to write about an artist whose music he doesn’t particularly care for. Celine Dion (sorry, I don’t know how to add the accent). So it becomes a cultural critique on differing tastes and why we’re snobbish about certain things. It’s turning out to be more academic than I expected but I know it will lead to a great discussion next month.

And I’m slowly working my way though the remainder of the Reader’s Rally team books I haven’t finished. I keep procrastinating on those but need to crack down on myself and finish them off so I can make up good practice questions for the quiz bowl thing in March. As soon as I finish the Wilson I’ll probably be able to crank through them since I’ll be ahead on the book club stuff. I’ve already read the March book, Watchmen, more than once and April is just bring some poetry month. So the deacks will be cleared!

How is your 2016 reading starting off?


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  1. ejmam

    Our book club voted Station Eleven as worst travel book ever, as one member was freaked out by reading it on a plane. Suddenly you hear every single cough and sneeze from your fellow passengers…

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