What Would You Do?

So this is a story about My Lovely Bride.

Yesterday she was having a conference with some parents of one of her fifth graders. They are both in the same job and are being relocated to another state soon. That means their student will have to move to a new school for the last two months of school. He is understandably upset about this.

What would you say at that moment?

So my wife offers to let him stay with us for the two months. Yup!

They are still considering it so it’s not a done deal or anything, but that’s her. That’s what she does.

My daughter thinks it’s cool too. I think it’s cool that she might have to actually HURRY UP in the shower since there will be another person waiting a turn. I think it’s also hilarious that my wife will have to censor herself when it comes to dinnertime conversations. One of the main topics is usually her regaling us with some crazy thing a student in her class has done. Don’t think she’ll want to do that for a little while!

One teacher at my school I told this story to said, “So generous! Like donating a kidney!” I don’t think letting someone use your guestroom for a couple months is anywhere near the level of a kidney donation.

I think this might stem from some discussions we’ve had lately about exchange students. We have some friends who have a twenty-year-old woman from Spain staying with them for a few months. So of course we’ve wondered if we’d like to do that. I guess if this guy takes us up on the offer we’ll get more of an idea of what that might be like.


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