Just when I thought I was out…

I got another Kinlde Paperwhite. I know, I know! I said some time ago that I was cutting back on buying stuff from Amazon because I was reacting to an article about thier questionable treatment of employees.

But I didn’t really like reading on a tablet as much as I thought I would. Reading on my phone is not horrible, but I don’t love it when I’m at home. Out in the world it’s a great convience to not have to remember to carry a book around and be able to read while I’m in line or in a waiting room. But at home I want something else.

And I’m too easily distracted. I’ll check Twitter and the news and the weather and email and look up stuff too much if I have my phone or a tablet. With a Kindle I just read and read and read.

I still listen to audiobooks and I still read physical books. I’m not ONLY going to read on my Kindle. But as I’m winding down the TBR Triple Dog Dare I realized I’m actually coming to the end of my TBR list. Now my list is a little different. I have a long list of things I want to read. Most of the books are in grey, with different colors highlighting ones I own digitally, can get from a library on audio or as a book, or if I actually own the physical book. It’s almost all grey now! I’m coming to the end of my owned TBR stuff!

So then I looked at all the digital books my wife and I have bought for the Kindle over the last few years and there’s a lot more things on there than I remembered. There’s only a couple of ones I paid full price for and knew I needed to get to, but wow! Those daily deals, kid’s books shes gotten for one reason or other that I haven’t read yet, and a few Humble Bundles and I have nearly 30 unread digital books! It was like Christmas adding them to my TBR list.

And I have been to our local B&N a couple of times lately and just…ugh. It’s a nice place, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t want to look at all the Not Books they carry, I’m not into hardbacks and even new paperbacks ain’t cheap!

So yeah, I’ve been missing the ereader and sorry, but Amazon just does it better. I promise I’ll still by books from independent booksellers on occasion. (But man, those are few and far between out here these days.) I promise to keep supporting my libraries (duh). But I love me a nice ereader (and this was on sale!)


2 thoughts on “Just when I thought I was out…

  1. “coming to the end of my TBR list” Really? How is that possible. Have you broken the space-time continuum barrier somehow?

    I sometimes call my TBR shelves my 5 year plan.

    I may buy a book for my own kindle when the Dare ends. There’s this German books that’s only available in print in the U.K. but is on Amazon kindle that I really want to read. It’ll be my first e-book purchase in a long, long time.

  2. Now when I say coming to the end of the list, I mean coming to the end of the physical books I haven’t read that I personally own. There’s still more than plenty To Be Read, that’s for sure.

    I know you don’t love ebooks, but I’m glad you have the option for your German books!

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