A Brief Update

It’s been a nutty few weeks, hence little posting.

Brief updates:

That fifth grader I mentioned might come live with us until the end of school? He decided to move on with his family. They came on a Saturday to meet us and were so happy we had offered. The dad said he wasn’t sure about Georgia when they moved here a few years ago but had found everyone very nice. He mentioned going to a big home improvement place and getting something that was too big to fit in his vehicle. He said an employee came out and offered to clock out early, bring around his pickup truck and help our guy home. He couldn’t believe it. He thought that was the nicest thing until we offered to take in his kid for a couple of months.

Before they left that evening they said in passing that he wouldn’t be in school for a couple of days because the parents had to go to an unexpected orientation at their new lab so would be taking the kids with them. Oh no no no, said My Lovely Bride. So we ended up with the fifth grade boy and his second grade sister for the next three days. That was a trip, let me tell you! They were great, but man. Getting all those kids washed and fed and homeworked and whatnot was a new experience. Glad we just have one.

They took us out to eat at a Korean Barbeque place the next Saturday. It was such a feast! Lovely people. They’re still sending us updates so that’s neat.

My Reader’s Rally Team did very respectably at the competition this weekend. Third place in our division, which is better than any team I’ve had before. I took a break from reading next year’s Reader’s Rally books because of the new Kindle. When I got it I finally got around to reading Bill Bryson’s Notes from a Small Island because TBR Dare! Oh, and that book is now on a Kindle deal if you want it cheap.

So now I’m back to grinding through the rest of those Reader’s Rally books. I hope to get them knocked out before the summer so I can read whatever I want at that point.

That’s all I have for you right now. Tomorrow, though is my book club. We’ll be discussing Alan Moore’s Watchmen at this fun place. Looking forward to that!


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