Doing All the Things!

Just had Spring Break. Whew! Now I need a break just to recover from it…

First of all my daughter had a book drive, so we took all these books…


…to this wondeful lady…


..who has a great organization. She donates books to kids who don’t have them! Check out this link to find out more about her awesome program:

Then we went to Florida to hang with my folks. The daughter and friend found another friend’s family down there and ran off to have beach/fishing/sunburn-y adventures while My Lovely Bride and I cleaned out my parents garage. Many trips to Goodwill and building some storage shelving later, they have a much more workable space. Part of the goal was to keep everything they might actually need from the attic space more accessible and the other part was to get rid of stuff to make room for said needed things. My favorite part was magically turning a rusting four drawer hulk of a file cabinet into one new clear plastic file storage item that can sit on a shelf in the back and not partially block the doorway. But what to do with all those unneeded filing items? Shred ’em! I started doing it by hand with their impressive and quiet (but kind of pokey) shredder. Then I called around and found a place that did it for $5 a box. So for $13 they shredded it all in  less time that it’s taking you to read this sentence. I got to watch. I wasn’t allowed to take pictures. Apparently some kind of liability issue? I don’t know. So anyway, here are some pictures:


That conveyor belt thingee travels up to this other thing that atomizes the stuff in no time. It’s fun.

My poor Pop had a few too many days of high blood sugar and ended up in the ICU at the Doctor’s Hospital for a spell. That wasn’t fun, but man do they take care of him there. Everyone, and I mean everyone, is as nice and pleasent as can be. So he spent the first part of the Master’s golf tournament watching from a hospital bed and the second part at home resting. Poor Poppy.

We had to come back to Georgia to take our Odyssey of the Mind team to the State Competition in Columbus, GA. They did well! Fourth place in their division/problem/whatever. That’s pretty good since this is my one (and only) Odyssey of the Mind coaching experience. The main thing was they had fun and it was a good experince. i was most impressed with the way they improvised around a couple of glitches that could have thrown them off. I told them that is an important skill they will need for the rest of their life.

Annnd now we’re back to school. Whew! There’s only thirty odd school days left. We’re out before Memorial Day here. Then we’ve already booked up about a month’s worth of our two month summer break with travel plans. It’s that time of year…


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  1. Whew! Just reading about your activities made me tired! I’m only traveling once this summer, but to LONDON with my younger daughter. Definitely looking forward to that, since she was a good companion last year in Orlando.

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