Trying to Connect My Online Worlds

I thought I had my Instagram set to also auto post to Twitter and Tumblr but it hasn’t been working. So I just started using a site I’ve heard about called which basically does that kind of thing for you. It does a whole lot more as well.

I found an IFTTT “recipe” that also will send any Instagram post as an email to my folks (who don’t do smartphones). So that was cool.

The IFTTT thing is fine but it doesn’t post to those other sites as cleanly as the auto integration did. But hey, it works so who cares.

So when I write a post on here, it automatically shows up in Google +, Tumblr and Twitter. If I post on Instagram it shows up on Twitter and Tumblr. Twitter just goes to Twitter and Tumblr just goes to Tumblr. I was HOPING to get Instagram to show up on here as well but can’t get that to work for some obscure technical reason.

That’s probably just as well but it means you might not see random photos on here as often. I’m lazy and if I can’t do it from my phone easily it won’t happen with any regularity. With Instagram I can post a picture and write as much as I want whenever I want. And now it links straight to Twitter (but you have to hit the link on Twitter to see all my typing on Instagram. Some folks will, some won’t. It’s okay.)

For my blog I have to have an Idea (or at least a desire to post something) and be near a computer. I don’t like posting to the blog from my phone for some reason. Then if I want to add a photo I have to go find it and upload it and yadda yadda yadda.

But I know that nearly everyone who follows me here also follows me on Twitter (or maybe G+?) so they’ll see these posts. Someone keeps telling me it’s hard to comment on here. I don’t know why that would be. But you can always comment on Twitter or G+ as well so there you go. (That’s always been my argument for sites that want to shut down their comment sections. It’s not like there aren’t a million other ways to comment!)

Right now I don’t have any deep thoughts other than hey, did you know you can connect many of your online doohickys? Well you can and it can make life easier. And you can always try for more integration ideas.

It’s Standardized Testing time at our school for the next couple of weeks and I always have more ranting to do during this time, so stay tuned! (Just don’t expect a lot of photos unless you follow me on Instagram).

What combination of social networking sites do you use? Do you like to integrate or do you like keeping things separate?