A Moveable Feast

My Guys Read book club met at The Marley House Pub in Decatur, GA to discuss this month’s pick, Ernest Hemingway’s A Moveable Feast.

Personally, I like his collected short stories and maybe The Old Man and the Sea. I’m not a huge fan of his novels. This one was interesting becasue it was too fictional to be considered memoir and it was to memoir-based to be considered fiction. It was a successful writer at the end of his career looking back about forty years to the time in his life when he was poor and stuggling and working on the work. But he was already a known journalist and hung out with every known expat in Paris at the time. He dishes on Gertrude Stein, makes up stuff about F. Scott Fitzgerald, meeets James Joyce, Ford Maddox Ford and others.

He doesn’t really move around all that much and they are too poor to really feast, but it’s Paris and he’s Hemingway and there are some lovely passages.

We also discussed the recent Twitter explosion over that article about the horrible male-only reading groups that ran in the New York Times and caused some reactions online. I mentioned listening to the thoughtful Slate podcast where they discuss this a bit more in-depth than the Twitterverse can.

One of the guys said the difference with our group is we were never reacting against any women’s groups and if a woman wanted to join our group she’d of course be welcome. We like that it’s all guys but we’ve had women drop in in the past and it was totally fine.

I think another big difference with our group is that it’s an open one. Many groups I know of start with a group of friends and then decide who is in their group or not. Anyone is welcome to ours. So the guys who keep coming are the ones who like to read and talk about the books.

I feel like we don’t get all manly with our picks but we did Hemingway tis month and are reading a book about baseball next month so what do I know? But later in the year we have one by Ruth Reichl and one by Mary Roach coming up, so there you go.

How about you? Are you looking forward to some fun summer reading?


One thought on “A Moveable Feast

  1. I guess I have the same feeling you do about Moveable Feast, though I am a fan of the novels. I’m a big, long-time Hemingway fan actually. For years and years I was the only male in a reading group made up of friends. We were not officially a closed group, but you had to be a friend of a friend to join. I’ve since moved on, but the group still meets and I drop in once a year or so.

    I don’t have a problem with people setting up exclusive book clubs. Folks can do as they please and most of them don’t sound like groups I’d care to join anyway. Yours, however, has always sounded like a very good time. If only I didn’t live on the other side of the continent.

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