2017 Picks for the Book Club

January – Ancillary Justice – Leckie

February – Hateship, Friendship, Loveship, Courtship, Marriage – Munro

March – March by John Lewis! (I want to read all three of these…)

April – A Coney Island of the Mind – Ferlinghetti (and we bring poems to read aloud)

May – Symphony for the City of the Dead – Anderson

June – Confederates in the Attic – Horowitz

July – Eating Animals – Foer (and our annual July potluck)

August – I Hate to See the Evening Sun Go Down – Gay

September – Razor Girl – Hiaasen (If in paperback. If not, then maybe this one.)

October – Night Circus – Morgenstern

November – Over the Plain Houses – Franks

December – The Odyssey – Homer

You see anything here you might try? Let me know in the comments below!


5 thoughts on “2017 Picks for the Book Club

  1. jenorr73

    I loved all three of the March books. I just finished the last one a few days ago. I checked them out from the library but I think I am going to purchase them because I want my girls to read them and I’d like to be able to loan them to folks.

    I enjoyed Night Circus when we read it for book club. It definitely encouraged a great discussion.

    Confederates in the Attic is one my husband (a 19th century southern historian) loves. He’s used it in his college course about how the Civil War is viewed today.

    Ancillary Justice is one that’s intrigued me. I’ll be curious to get your take. I’m afraid to read Eating Animals. I’m not ready to change my eating habits so I continue to live in denial.

  2. Thanks for the comment!

    I love John Lewis so will be happy to finally get to his book series. I read Confederates about a hundred years ago for another book club so will need to re-read it. And I read Ancillary Justice last year. I didn’t think the other guys would be interested and don’t know what they’ll make of it but it was on a list of recommended books being passed around and made the cut so there you go.

    I also like meat but am open to different views. Sometimes I definitely try to cut back when I can. But what’s funny is the group as a whole is mostly carnivores. We even cooked a whole pig once for one of these cookouts.

  3. ejmam

    I hadn’t realized the third March book was out — I will go chase that down. The Odyssey is one of my kid’s favorite books (the 18 year old), and I remember liking it when I read it decades ago. What translation are you using, or does everyone find their own?

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