Four Feet, Two Sandals


I’ve been reading this 2007 title to some of the classes this week, for obvious reasons. I love that there has been at least one Muslim kid in each class who exclaims “That’s my language!” when I get to the phrase “As-salaam alaykum. Peace be with you.” I always ask if I pronounced it correctly and thank them when they say I did.

A girl from Afganistan is in a refugee camp in Pakistan. She finds a new sandal, her first new shoe in two years. Another girl, new to the camp, finds the other. They decide to share the sandals and become friends. The rest of the book describes daily life in the camp, people they’ve lost and one of them finding out she’s being resettled in America.

Diverse books matter. Representation matters. It matters more than I’d like right now but I’m glad I have books like this to at least get some of them thinking.


2 thoughts on “Four Feet, Two Sandals

  1. jenorr73

    I am so enjoying all the books you’re sharing from ALA. This one really struck me. Thank you for all the sharing but especially for this one!

  2. Thanks for the comment, Jen! I did not hear about this one at ALA though. I went looking for something to read aloud just because. This is actually a 2007 title I wasn’t even familiar with but it definitely hit the spot last week, for me at least.

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