HarperCollins Midwinter Book Buzz

Kevin Henkes is publishing his 50th book! It’s called Egg and will be perfect as always.

Since I went to Midwinter this book by the late Walter Dean Myers on Frederick Douglass is sounding even more interesting for some reason.

Drew Daywalt has had some super popular recent picture books. Adam Rex has illustrated some of the best picture books of the last decade. Now they’re together with The Legend of Rock, Paper, Scissors. Sounds great.

Invisible emmie is a graphic novel hybrid “perfect for fans of Raina Telgemeier and Jennifer Holm.”

This one sounds good and I think I got an ARC of it. Orphan Island by local (to me) writer Laurel Snyder. I’ve heard great things about this one but we’re partial to her here.

I loved Rita Williams-Garcia’s One Crazy summer and need to read the rest in that series. Clayton Byrd Goes Underground is about a kid who wants to be a blues man more than anything and is willing to run away to the city if he has to.

Posted by John David Anderson might be more of a middle school book, but it sounded interesting. Something about a school which bans cellphones completely for some reason and the kids start using post-its on lockers instead. This idea catches on and is a positive thing for all…until some trolling and bulling starts up just like in the online world.