Star Wars Night in the Library


Well, as you can see, the Georgia Garrison of the 501st more than delivered. It was the highlight of our school’s Literacy Night and a big draw. They came early and the principal and I posted a couple of shots of our droid guest on social media saying, “I HOPE YOU’RE COMING TO LITERACY NIGHT!” I heard from more than one parent that they were on their way to things like gymnastics or Boy Scouts and were instructed to “turn the car around! We need to go back to the school!”

It was a delighted mob that these fine folks patiently stood for photos with for over an hour. They were real, well, troopers if you will. They were so enthusiastic, high fiving everyone and really hamming it up.

I didn’t want to take too much of their time after the crush of people left but I did get some fun pictures of them with books in the stacks, checking out and other stuff. I even got a few video clips I can play on the morning show including one where they give some advice for getting a good night sleep and a good breakfast for when we have the big state tests in April.

They were all amazing but R2-D2 was the thing that really sold it. He moved around, beeped, and reacted to individuals. All his panels could open and close and the parents were as delighted with him as the students. The guy who built, programmed and ran him (an intensive two year process!) casually leaned against a pillar in the background and subtly ran R2 all night with no one catching on how it was being controlled. He hung out afterwards with some of our Robotics Club kids taking off panels and showing them how it all worked.

A great, great night for all involved!

“These are the books you’re looking for.”

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