Sapelo Island, GA

Never heard of it have you?  THAT’S WHY WE WENT THERE! See that picture of the empty beach? That’s how it was all week.

The guy fishing? That’s the dock where we unloaded all our stuff then loaded it all onto the ferry to the island. When I say all our stuff I mean everything. You need to pack all food and snacks and drinks and everything you’re going to need to make all your meals all week long. My Lovely Bride had an excellent spreadsheet and is an amazing packer so we were good.

The kid with the van? When we got to the island our instructions were to find the van, get the car keys our of the drink holder with the map and go. There was no map. It was a creepy van. The kids nicknamed it “The Murder Van.” A storm was rolling in. A woman said she knew the house and led the way. Deep into the woods, with thunder going, the van died. My buddy got it going and we made it to the rental house and got everything into the house right as the downpour hit.

The misty forest photo? That was our view. Gorgeous even in the rain.

The dead tree on the beach? The next day we went out to that area nicknamed “The Boneyard” where a bunch of trees are slowly being washed away. Then we went to the EMPTY AND GORGEOUS BEACH all day.

The crabs? We went seining and caught a bunch of crabs! We looked up on youtube how to clean them. It was pretty gross and a whole lot of crabs didn’t equal that many crab cakes but man oh man were they good.

The nature trail? We hiked a lot. Forest, estuary, dunes, coast, everything.

Yes there’s a lighthouse. No, you can’t go in. But it’s a nice area to wander around. And yes, that last picture is of a gator! We went to the gator pond more than once before we finally saw a couple like this. I hear they wander around sometimes and you can see them laying outside the water but we never got so lucky.

It was a great, fun, relaxing and adventurous vacation. Just the right mix of exploring and laying around in hammocks and chilling. None of us wanted to return to civilization.

How about you? Hope you had a nice break as well and a good last few weeks of school.


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