Getting Ready for School AND an Eclipse!

Solar-EclipseIt’s the middle of our pre-planning week here in my district. We all have a million things to do and time is running out to do them but somehow the first day always comes and goes and it’s usually a success.

I’m still trying to wrap my head around the idea I’ll be teaching a Specials class this year. I found out yesterday it’s not in the traditional one class per day for seven days, then start over format. It’s in a three days with this class, then three days with that class and so on until you see the first group 21 or so days later for another three day session. So I’m thinking about turning it into a Media Festival workshop. We have a state Media Festival every year and it’s always hard to find the time to let kids go to town on those projects. I’m not sure if I’m up to the logistical challenge but I’m consulting some expert teachers on the subject so we’ll see where that goes.

Also, I’ve been getting questions about the 2017 solar eclipse. There is a ton of information out there but really, everything you really need to know is right here:

Where we are we’re going to get about 98% coverage instead of complete totality, but that’s the most I’ve ever seen so I’m happy. I’m going to be playing the NASA livestream for the school in case it’s cloudy or for anyone who is unable to get out there for it. Our school district has extended the school day for an hour just for this. I think that’s because “totality” is occurring right around the same time as many school’s bus dismissal time. That would be a mess.

Do you have any plans for the eclipse? Let me know in the comments. Have fun!