New app test…

img_0629I just downloaded the WordPress app for my phone. I’m thinking I might actually update the blog more often if it’s easier and more accessible to do so.

I have a work laptop but no longer have a home one. I can take the work laptop home but don’t do that every day and when I do it’s usually because I have, you know, work.

I gave my Apple laptop to my daughter and bought a Chromebook for myself. It was great while it worked but that wasn’t for very long and I don’t feel like getting another one.

So what posting I do tends to be on my phone, mostly Instagram and Twitter. I’m pretty sure when I post here it automatically posts on Twitter as well. I’ll check on that after I post this.

I realized recently that I hadn’t been posting much and, like I do from time to time, wonder if I should keep it up. I don’t know why but there’s something satisfying about having my own spot where I can type more than 140 characters once in a while.

But I need to have deadlines for myself to keep it up. I’ll work on figuring that out this month. Probably something weekly. Daily is too much and monthly is too little.

The above photo is from Labor Day weekend when my daughter and I attended the always delightful Dragon Con. After the photo Mr. Gorn said pretty much every photo he was asked to pose for involved him pretending to do violence on the other person being photographed (for obvious reasons) but that I was the only one who had giggled happily the whole time.


One thought on “New app test…

  1. So I came back to this on my laptop and had to edit the photo. I don’t know if that’ll be a common thing when using the app or not, will have to see. But typing on phone wasn’t bad. At least for spontaneous posting if not scheduled ones (which I might do!)

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