Razor Girl

downloadThis month’s Guys Read book club pick was Carl Hiaasen’s newest. If you like Hiaasen , Dave Barry and other humor writers, you’ll like this one.

The title character smartly never reveals her real name, but connects all the disparate and loony characters inhabiting this tale due to her unique trade: she performs non-deadly car crashes for underworld types who need to stop a mark on the road so they can easily kidnap them in their confused state. There are many who do this particular task, but our titular Girl has raised it into a kind of performance art by including the jaw-dropping addition of being in the middle of shaving her, um, bikini area at the time of impact. This throws off the mark so much, that she often gets them to offer her a ride somewhere to make their kidnapping go even smoother. “Men,” she says, shaking her head.

So yeah, this is obviously one of Hiaasen’s books intended for grown ups rather than his wildly popular kids books like Hoot and Chomp.

The Guys Read book club met last night at The Marlay House. It was such a lovely evening. I mean really perfect weather. We sat outside on the patio and enjoyed food, drinks and great book talk. And we had a few new Guys!

As a group I would have to say this was a sideways thumb, not really up or down. Two Guys said this wasn’t their kind of thing. The Guys that had read and enjoyed Hiaasen before like it but admitted it wasn’t his best. The Guys who had never read Hiaasen and enjoyed it loved it and are looking forward to reading more.

An older Guy introduced me to a new (to me) old drink. A Rickey. You’ve heard of a Gin Rickey? This is the original version with bourbon instead of Gin. Mmmmm…bourbon. Excellent summer evening refreshment right there. And yes, I realize technically autumn has begun but last night on that patio? It was summer.

It was good we had our drinks ready because we were ready to shout a hearty “Mazal Tov!” to a Guy who came out! He’s recently divorced with two teen-aged daughters but has decided to come on out and be his true, gay self at this mid point in life. So that was cool. (He said the divorce, while not fun, was relatively painless and amicable, so that’s good as well.)

Next month we will be discussing Erin Mortgenstern’s The Night Circus. Looks appropriately Halloween-ish in subject matter anyway. And Jim Dale (of Harry Potter audiobook fame) reads the audio version, so something else to look forward to!