A Ghost in the Library!

IMG_1525For our Halloween morning show broadcast yesterday my crew wanted to do something fun. Since someone back in the day painted the walls of the broadcast room green to make the use of the ChromaKey green screen thingee easier, we have had no use for the big green curtain provided to us.

Until yesterday!  In the picture above the “ghost” is pretty obvious to you. But not when the ChromaKey is on with our news background! It just looks like a slightly blurry background when it moves. They brainstormed a bunch of gags, but I said we didn’t want to do anything too scary for the little ones. So our ghost just moved that mug back and forth a couple of times and messed with our anchors, flipping hoodies and levitating and knocking off hats and such while they made concerned faces.

In the end of the show a hand magically appeared, gave a thumbs up and high-fived the two anchors.

Hope you all had a Happy Halloween!