Are We There Yet?

download“A boy goes on a long car ride to visit his grandmother and discovers time moves faster or slower depending on how bored he is.”

This is one of those smack yourself on the forehead titles. Of course there should be a picture book called “Are We There Yet?” It’s so obvious!

And Dan Santat is the perfect guy to take us on this journey. What would a squirrelly back seat kid like more than a book you have to twist and turn to get everything out of of?  One with all kinds of hidden fun Easter eggs (find Princess Leia among the crowd cheering on the jousters). One that takes us back and forth in time and even has a delightful ‘shopped author photo with Santat as the grumpy driver, passenger and back seat rider.

It’s a more fun read-aloud than I expected. The text, about enjoying the moment you’re in, is meaningful to me as a grown up. I don’t know how much of that gets through. The kids love the illustrations. Pirates! Dinos! Robots! And the whiny kid in the back seat is funny. When he exclaims that “My butt hurts!” it gets them every time.

A nominee for Georgia’s Picture Book of the year.