New app test…

img_0629I just downloaded the WordPress app for my phone. I’m thinking I might actually update the blog more often if it’s easier and more accessible to do so.

I have a work laptop but no longer have a home one. I can take the work laptop home but don’t do that every day and when I do it’s usually because I have, you know, work.

I gave my Apple laptop to my daughter and bought a Chromebook for myself. It was great while it worked but that wasn’t for very long and I don’t feel like getting another one.

So what posting I do tends to be on my phone, mostly Instagram and Twitter. I’m pretty sure when I post here it automatically posts on Twitter as well. I’ll check on that after I post this.

I realized recently that I hadn’t been posting much and, like I do from time to time, wonder if I should keep it up. I don’t know why but there’s something satisfying about having my own spot where I can type more than 140 characters once in a while.

But I need to have deadlines for myself to keep it up. I’ll work on figuring that out this month. Probably something weekly. Daily is too much and monthly is too little.

The above photo is from Labor Day weekend when my daughter and I attended the always delightful Dragon Con. After the photo Mr. Gorn said pretty much every photo he was asked to pose for involved him pretending to do violence on the other person being photographed (for obvious reasons) but that I was the only one who had giggled happily the whole time.


Dragon Con Fail

I got sick.  I am sick.  Friday night, while my daughter had trouble sleeping due to her Dragon Con excitement, I was having trouble sleeping because my throat was burning and I was having all kinds of issues.  I took some Sudafed in the morning (the good kind; the kind you gotta ask for) and some other stuff and powered through Dargon Con Saturday.  Well, most of it.  We met up with some friends who were experiencing their first con and tried to be good hosts.  Problem was, it was WAY more crowded than usual, they were on a one day pass, and I was foggy-headed and having trouble deciding things.  So we tried to cram too much in and it ended up being less fun than it could have been. So I felt it important to hit a clinic Sunday morning and show my daughter a better convention later that day.  Then I realized after the clinic that I was way too sick to go Sunday, so we never saw any more Dragon Con this year.  So instead of two days of fun it was part of a day of okayness. Sigh.

Bad things:

Due to illness, we got there late and missed most of the parade.

We missed out on most of our planned sessions.

Like I said, it was WAY more crowded everywhere. Dragon Con is amazing, but apparently they will never cap attendance.

Because we were with newbies, we did two things we probably would have avoided: we went to the food court and to the vendor area. Two super crowded spots in a row that we would have avoided or spread out.

Good things:

My daughter’s Han Solo costume got some compliments.

It was fun being with friends.

The food was better in the food court (and the CVS was helpful for me).

We saw, as always, some fun and amazing cosplay.

The girls enjoyed seeing the Once Upon A Time actresses in their session.

The comic/art part of the Hyatt was a favorite.  Harper got a cool Toothless print and some Princeless comics.

So I guess there’s always next year.  I will get plenty of rest and take vitamins or something the week leading up to the convention and I will have a better plan.  Oh, that’s another stupid thing I did.  I didn’t use a parking app I found and ended up at a place that I thought was $20 but ended up being $40!  Grrr…

The thing I’m most bummed about is missing the big comedy musical show I usually go to on Saturday night.  Molly Lewis, The Doubleclicks, etc.  Love those guys.  And Carol Spinney was there and we missed it!  You know who he is, right? And my daughter got some Princeless comics but we never got the chance to go back and get them signed.

So yeah, it was fun-ish but I’m still not 100% recovered from my illness.  I’m actually home today instead of back at school.  So instead of a 4 day work week I’ll have a three day one and I’ll wonder where it all went come Friday.

Have a great week everyone.


Dragon Con 2014 Report

Harper and friend.

Wow, what an amazing weekend.  It was a very different con for me this time because I took my daughter.  But it was different in a good way. Early Saturday morning I got her going and did a mock ceremony where I placed my yearly Dragon Con lanyard around her neck (the one full of buttons and crap) and proclaimed her a member of the faithful Dragon Con Geekdom!  I pulled out a backup lanyard for me.  You gotta have a lanyard so your badge is visible to get into everything.

I don’t know if you are familiar with my Dragon Con history.  Some friends took me to a rock concert that was happening at the con back in the 90s.  As part of the concert ticket, you were free to spend the day at the convention.  It was much smaller then, but quite fun.  I liked it but I didn’t love it.  I liked science fiction stuff even back then and was a devoted Star Trek watcher, but I didn’t feel inclined to buy a bunch of stuff just because I liked the show.  And meeting actors is nice, but they’re actors.  Not space travelers.  At that time there were a few writers in attendance, but nobody I felt thrilled by.  So it was nice, but I didn’t feel inclined to go again.

Then in the mid 2000s they added a Skeptics track and I learned there were also Science and Space tracks.  I’d always wanted to go to TAM (James Randis The Amazing Meeting for science and skepticism in Vegas every year) but couldn’t justify the cost. But here was a mini skeptic’s convention in the middle of Dragon Con.  So I’ve been going off and on for the last six or seven years and it’s been great.  In that time the attendance has ballooned as geeks and their interests have gone more mainstream.  I have also gotten more into science fiction and now fantasy and my daughter has grown up loving superheroes, Mythbusters and the like.

I think it’s terrible to take young kids to something like this before they’re ready and this was the first year I was convinced she would be able to stand the heat of the parade, handle all the walking around, and get something out of it more than just “Hey, look at that cool Batman!”  I was proved right in this by three horribly hot, whining pouty little kids that sat near us during the parade.  They wanted to see it but the wait and the heat were just too much for them and while they enjoyed the costumes, it really wasn’t worth it for that mom I don’t think.

It actually went better for us than I had imagined.  She had a constant beatific smile of delight all weekend long. Yes she got too hot at the parade and yes we had to take breaks and her feet got sore but she didn’t whine one bit. These are things with going to any big event or theme park or whatever.  I think I may have actually bitched about the heat more than she did. These were all mere inconveniences to the awesome that is Dragon Con for her.

Now the bad thing about a wonderful and diverse con is that there are always three things at any given time that you would like to see but you have to make choices.  I decided early on that while I’d try to get her to go to a few of “my” science-y things, that this was HER con and she would always have veto power because I didn’t want to be dragging her to things I thought she would like.  I wanted her to decide. This means, of course, that I didn’t see nearly as much of the science and space and skeptic tracks that I would normally attend and ended up in long lines for bigger named things, but that was fine.

We saw Grant Imahara from Mythbusters give a talk.  We saw the actresses that played Luna Lovegood and Pansy Parkington form the Harry Potter movies.  We saw the parade.  We saw a talk from NASA/JPL scientists on the Cassini space probe which is in orbit around Saturn.  We visited the solar telescopes they had set up at the HIlton. We visited the vendors more than I normally would have.  We ate the best worst food whenever we felt like it: hot dogs, hamburgers, pizza, soft drinks, lemonade, candy.  It was awesome.

And we followed around and took lots of pictures of people dressed in costumes.  She probably could have just done that all day.  It really brought her out of her shell, too.  There was a point on Sunday where I volunteered us to man the CosmoQuest booth for an hour.  She liked it, but there were too many cool cosplayers for her to sit still so I let her roam the Hilton.  She was down in the lobby snagging grownups for shots, “Hey, Star Lord!  Smile!”  “Hey Nick Fury!  Great outfit, can I get a picture?”  “That’s a beautiful Elsa dress!  How about a photo?” It was neat to see her like that.

They had solar telescopes to look through!

At the end she bought some little gifts for her friends and I noticed they had official Dragon Con lanyards. “So you seemed to have fun this weekend,” I said.  “Think you might want to go again next year?”  A definite “OF COURSE!”  So I bought her her own official lanyard.  She came home and immediately started decorating it with Totoro and Harry Potter buttons.

But the coolest one, I think, is the NASA pin one of the Saturn probe scientists gave her.  That one rocks.

I might have to break down and actually try to get a hotel room at the con for the first time next year!

One Week Countdown!

Next week begins Dragon Con, my favorite science, skeptical, fantasy and science fiction conventions all rolled up into one.

This year will be a very different experience for me, though.  I’ll be bringing along my 11-year-old daughter for the whole thing. (Or as much of it as she wants to go to.)

So I’m sure I’ll be missing some panels I’d normally hit and attending some I wouldn’t normally, but I’m quite looking forward to seeing it fresh through her eyes.  She seems most excited to see the parade and Grant Imahara.  And just the massive scale of it all.  Millions of comics and artists in a vast hall, that kind of thing.

So this year I’ll be taking less photos of random people in costumes and more photos of her with random people in costumes! I’m sure you’re looking forward to that…