Guys Who Read List

In addition to reading on my own, out loud with my family, our district’s Reader’s Rally books, and our state’s book award nominees, I’m also a member of a face to face book club called The Guys Who Read.  It’s one of my favorite things.  I recently went through all of our old emails and complied the following list of all the books we’ve ever read.  I’m not sure what happened in June of 2008.  The books got shuffled around a couple of times and I don’t have evidence of what we read that month.  I remember us reading and discussing the first Harry Potter book once, but was it in June of 2008?  I don’t have proof. But if it makes you happy, imagine that’s what happened.  That’s what I do.

Here’s the whole list.

The reason there are books listed that we haven’t gotten to yet, is that nowadays we choose all the books for the coming year in December.  So THAT will make it easier to keep this up.


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